Service update – 14.00pm Thursday 26th March.

The current demand is unprecedented and we have decided to temporarily close this store for now while we catch up with demand. Any orders placed before 2pm on Thursday 26th March will still be delivered to all customers soon.

We plan to open again soon and will keep you updated here, and on our social media pages. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Stay safe and stay home where possible.


Sardines in Spring Water 105 g
Fish4Ever Brisling Sardines in Spring Water 105g
Sold Out
Whole Sardine in Org Oil Lemon 135 g
Fish4Ever Whole Sardines in Organic Oil and Lemon 135g
Regular price £2.99
Whole Sardines in Org S/F Oil 120 g
Fish4Ever Whole Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil 120g
Sold Out
Whole Sardines in Org Tom Sauc 120 g
Fish4Ever Whole Sardines in Organic Tomato Sauce 120g
Regular price £2.99
Sardine Pate & Kombu 120 g
Fish4Ever Sardine Pate & Kombu Seaweed 120g
Sold Out
Sardine Fillets in Org S/F Oil 90 g
Fish4Ever Sardine Fillets in Organic Sunflower Oil 90g
Sold Out