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Ecomil Organic Almond Drink 1 ltr

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Description: EcoMil Almond drink is delicious, light and easy to digest. Almond is a particularly good source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids. EcoMil Almond is a perfect alternative to dairy or soya milks in almost all preparations, in coffee, tea, with cereals, in baking, for sauces or as a cold refreshing or hot drink by itself.

EcoMil Almond presents several advantages over other alternatives and it is suitable for a wide category of diet requirements:
- Lactose intolerance or dairy protein allergies
- Contribution to prevent cardiovascular risks
- Gluten allergy
- Ideal for vegetarians and vegans

Ingredients: Water, almond* (7%), agave syrup* and corn maltodextrin*.
*From Organic Farming

Brand: EcoMil
Manufacturer: Nutriops
Category: Health food & drinks

- Dairy free
- Lactose free
- Gluten free
- Soya free
- Cholesterol free
- No added sucrose, no added sodium
- High quality proteins
- Easy to digest
- No preservative and colouring
- Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids
- Organic drink, 100% vegetal
- GMO free ingredients (controlled from origin)
- Suitable for vegan diets

Nutritional information:
* Not Analysed. **RDI: Reference Daily Intake

Nutritional information per 100g EcoMil Almond
Tetra Brik 1 litre & 200 ml
Energy value kJ / kcal 192 Kj / 46 Kcal
Proteins g 0,9
Carbohydrates g: 5,4
- Sugars g 3,8
- Fructose g 3,1
- Lactose g 0,0
Fat g: 2,1
- Saturated g 0,2
- Mono-unsaturated g 1,4
- Poly-unsaturated g 0,5
- Cholesterol mg 0,0
Fibres g 0,8
Sodium g 0,1
Calcium mg NA*

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